NORBIT Aptomar is a leading provider of Integrated Field Monitoring sensors, systems and services for the oil and gas industry. The company focuses on protecting the safety and integrity of people, the environment and assets by managing; 24/7 oil spill detection and combating, surveillance and security as well as search and rescue in close cooperation with Industry. NORBIT Aptomar is a part of the NORBIT Group, located in Trondheim, Norway, with further offices in and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Using proprietary technology and commercially available sensors, NORBIT Aptomar merges remotely monitored sensor data into a single display, and distributes it to create a real time common operating picture. Experienced operators interpret the combined sensor data and intervene when necessary to alert and support the offshore operator in case of incident.

In 2014– as a response to numerous oil companies who want the industry to take a broader, more systematic approach to field monitoring – NORBIT Aptomar established a new maritime control center in Trondheim, Norway. The center is called Aptomarin.

Aptomarin combines 24/7 competence and monitoring capacity, with robust detection and an efficient and controlled emergency response management. Aptomarin consists of master mariners and professionals with extensive maritime and nautical competence.

The first oil company to acquire Aptomarin’s services was BG Group, which awarded NORBIT Aptomar a contract to provide 24/7 field monitoring services at the operator’s Knarr field on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Integrated Field Monitoring by NORBIT Aptomar: Improve safety, Reduce cost, Create value

NORBIT Aptomar History

NORBIT Aptomar was founded in 2005 by Lars Andre Solberg, Jonas Aamodt Moræus and Håkon Skjelten.The company and its  employees are based in Trondheim, the technological capitol of Norway. Agents and representatives are located world wide.

For the first five years of the company, focus has been on the product SECurus. The product and the technology was the brainchild of the founders, and has been developed in cooperation with and supported by pilot customers, Statoil, ENI, Møkster, NTNU, Forskningsrådet (Norwegian Research Council) and Innovasjon Norge (Innovation Norway). NORBIT Aptomar and SECurus has won several technology and start-up awards.

After making the first commercial installation of SECurus on Volstad Princess in June 2008, the ground-breaking SECurus technology has created a new standard for multi sensor integration and tactical decision support  for emergency response operations.

Since then NORBIT Aptomar has evolved from a sensor supplier, to become a leading provider of systems and and services to safeguard people, the environment and assets.
In end of 2017, Aptomar was acquired by the NORBIT Group, becoming NORBIT Aptomar and becoming a part of NORBIT team of explorers


NORBIT is an international, knowledge-based group that supplies high- technology products, systems, solutions and services. NORBIT Aptomar is located at NORBIT´s headquarter in Trondheim Norway. NORBIT has daughter companies in 11 countries.

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