FLIR cameras


Add high end functionality to your new or existing FLIR cameras


Increase the safety and efficiency of your maritime and near-coastal operations:
Fishing Vessels Law Enforcement Fish Farming Offshore Support
Fishing Vessels Law Enforcement Fish Farming Offshore Support
Ports & Terminals Wind Farms Shipping Military
Ports & Terminals Wind Farms Shipping Military

Powerful electronic chart system (ECS)

  • Camera control directly in map, in the video, or using a joystick
  • AIS and ARPA integration
Navigation, surveillance and decision support system

  • Ensure safe navigation
  • Monitor your operation 24/7
Documentation and storage

  • Mark, label and store areas and positions in the map
  • Record video, take screenshots and still images
Remote control

  • Control the cameras from any location
  • Enable monitoring and surveillance at remote locations
Information sharing, collaboration and fleet tracking

  • Collaborate and share data between vessels, and between vessels and land
  • Send pictures and videos on email
Day and night vision

  • See independent of light and weather conditions
Detection and Lock-on-functionality

  • Position, areas, bearing, AIS, ARPA target
Search and retrieval

  • Create weather and drift adapted search patterns, retrieve equipment and people easier and faster
Surveillance and security

  • Monitor and track your assets
  • Detect, track and document all incoming and surrounding traffic

A tailor-made system in 6 steps

  1. Contact Aptomar for product and price options

    e:   t: +47 4000 3403
  2. Choose your camera based on performance, functionality and budget

    Step 2: choose your camera
  3. Choose your monitor based on type, size, touch enabled, price

    Step 3: choose your screen
  4. Aptomar customizes and adds the software

    Step 4: Aptomar adds software
  5. Delivered from Aptomar as a turn key package

    Step 5: Aptomar delivers
  6. Install and commission on your own, or by Aptomar

    Step 6: install your Aptomar system