The SECurus System

The SECurus system combines advanced stabilized long range and highly sensitive IR and digital video cameras with a unique Electronic Chart System. The ECS touch screen overlays information from several sources. The system knows the exact geographic position of every pixel in the pictures from both cameras and can project the image onto the map for easy navigation / or object recovery.

The SECurus system consists of three parts;

  • The Pointing unit
  • The Bridge console
  • The Computer rack

The Pointing unit

The pointing unit is the main sensor platform for the SECurus system. The unit is a stabilized platform containing the Infrared camera, the Daylight video camera and the 300W xenon searchlight.
The Pointing unit is usually mounted on top of the bridge roof in the optimum position for maximum unobstructed view. The unit is designed for the environmental conditions ranging from the arctic winter to the tropics.

Stabilized platform

The SECurus combines motion and position information from the navigation instrumentation on the vessel with its internal orientation sensors to determine the exact position and direction of the cameras in real time. This input allows the stabilization algorithms to ensure that the camera platform is stabilized in 3 dimensions. The input also enables the system to calculate the exact position of every pixel in the video stream from the IR camera and the daylight camera.
The SECurus pointing unit is stabilized in 3 axis; horizontal, vertical and rotation of the cameras. The result is stable and readable pictures in all sea conditions.

The Infrared camera

The long range infrared camera used in the SECurus system is a highly sensitive camera based on an actively cooled Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) detector with 640 X 512 pixels resolution in 25 pictures per second. The sensor has a typical sensitivity of 18mK which is near the best sensitivity available in the market. This sensitivity is important for measuring of oil thickness. The IR camera has a powerful zoom lens assembly giving a field of view variation from 21.7 degrees to 1.7 degrees. In addition, there is a 4X digital zoom function. This gives the camera excellent close up capability combined with the powerful zoom that allows detection and identification of small targets at a long distance.

As an option, the SECurus can be delivered with a camera with uncooled detector and a typical sensitivity of 50 – 60 mK. The uncooled IR camera is not suitable for oil measurement. The larger sensor requires larger lens assemblies thus limiting the range of such cameras.

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The Daylight camera

The high quality DV camera is used for daytime surveillance and documentation.

The Xenon searchlight

The 300W xenon searchlight is mounted to point the narrow high power beam at the same spot that the cameras are pointed at.

The Bridge Console

The bridge console is a 23 inch touch input screen developed and certified for maritime and navy applications. The map machine developed by Aptomar uses a vectorized version of the sea maps to give the user of the Electronic Chart System extremely fast zoom and repositioning in the map. The screen is run by a dedicated high speed processor.
The video from the cameras are displayed on the screen according to the requirements of the user. Since all the pixels are geographically determined, the picture can be projected onto the map and the exact position of all objects in the picture can be accurately determined for navigation, pick up or rescue. Likewise, objects from the map or other screen overlays such as radar and AIS can be displayed with computer graphics directly in the video picture and provide augmented reality.

The Computer Rack

The Computer rack contains a high performance quad core processor specially built for marine environments. This computer interface to the bridge console computer and the pointing unit via cat.5 ethernet cables. The inputs from the vessel sensors and other sensors are connected to this computer such as;

  • GPS receiver (required)
  • Gyro Compass  (required)
  • Motion Reference Unit (MRU) (required)
  • AIS transponder (possible)
  • ARPA target data from vessel radar (possible)
  • Oil Spill Detection radar interface (possible)

Area of operation

Here you can see examples of SECurus applied to offshore, onshore and maritime operations, all to safeguard people, the environment and assets: SECurus Solutions


Aptomar – The Securus brochure (PDF)