Coast guard

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Detection and Recovery of Oil

The SECurus highly sensitive IR camera with every pixel GPS determined enables detection, thickness measurement, exact plotting and drift estimate of the oil spill. The SECurus pinpoints the areas of significant oil for effective boom location and skimmer maneuvering, and is the ONLY solution in the world tested and verified as a tool for oil spill thickness estimation.

Key numbers:
Automatic detection: Thickness estimation:
4 km
4 km
  • 24 hours operations independent of light and weather conditions
  • Automatic detection and outline of oil spills up to 4 km away
  • Thickness and volume estimation of the slick
  • Area and drift
  • Prediction of drift and interception
  • Boom formation
  • Day and night skimmer visualisation and navigation
  • Integration with established oil spill tracking and estimation solutions
Search and Rescue

The built in Search and Rescue (SAR) patterns are modified by inputs such as wind, current and vessel speed to enable effective use of both the IR camera and the long range video camera. Any objects seen in the pictures can immediately be plotted directly in the map for immediate or later investigation. The 300W xenon narrow light beam will light up any object from 5 km out and aid identification and eventual pick up.

Key numbers:
Head of person in survival suit :
3 km
  • Weather indpendend day and night vision
  • SECurus automatic search
  • Weather adaptive search patterns
  • Lock-on and track retrieved objects, use the searchlight to illuminate
Recording, documentation and collaboration

The SECurus can record pictures, videos and screenshots for future documentation and analysis. The Aptomar TCMS system will ensure real time collaboration and information transfer between all involved locations both offshore and onshore.

  • Videos and pictures can be stored for documentation
  • Sharing of data through the Aptomar TCMS system

Aptomar – Tactical Collaboration (PDF)

Rescue and Towing operation

During difficult rescue and towing operations, the SECurus system gives the crew long distance night and day vision. The IR camera function is used to monitor the towing gear for correct deployment or abnormal heat generation that indicates abnormal wear and friction.

  • Full visibility in all light and weather conditions
  • Inspect all parts of the towing equipment with long range IR and normal camera
  • Detection potential breakdown of equipment, ropes and wires
  • Stable searchlight on critical areas
  • Documentation of towing operation
Fire Fighting

The SECurus system with its IR camera will help the crew to see through the smoke, identify the source of the heat and pinpoint extreme heating of the hull in order to direct the water to cool it down and avoid hull damage.

  • Full visibility independent of smoke, light, and weather conditions
  • Identify source or location of the flames through smoke
  • Identify cooling of hull and superstructure to avoid breakdown
  • Directing FIFI canons effectively
Surveillance and inspection

The SECurus system is extremely usefull for boarding operations. During daytime in good visibility it is used to give the crew on the bridge a full view of the operation at the same time as full documentation is recorded for eventual later use as proof. During nighttime and in low visibility the IR camera ensures that the full view is maintained. Additionally, the 500W Xenon light will light up the boarding area.

  • Detection and long range identification of vessels of all sizes
  • Safe distance observations
  • Detection of hidden(unfriendly) crew on vessel to be borded
  • Unmatched day and night vision capabilities
  • Stabilized searchlight during all phases of the operation
  • Recordings for post operation evaluation, legal aspects or training purposes
  • Distribution of information to the involved parties and resources
Navigation and Ice detection

When operating in arctic conditions the SECurus will give you the ability to see, track and avoid the ice, ensuring the safety for the vessel, its cargo and the crew

  • See ice several kilometers away, independent of light and weather conditions
  • Share information of ice location and movement with vessels in own fleet
  • The Xenon searchlight, known as the ice-light, enables visual search and detection of ice at night time
Fishery and Pollution control

The ability to see in the dark and to obtain pictures and video at all times for documentation and proof is a vital function of the SECurus system in this application.

  • Take pictures and videos for post operation purposes
  • All information stored with position and time for accurate documentation
  • Share the information in real time, as recordings or pictures, to the onshore authorities

SECurus – Coast Guard (PDF)