TCMS – Tactical Collaboration

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TCMS – Tactical Collaboration and Management System

During emergency response operations the challenge is to, as soon as possible, gain a tactical situation overview and keep it throughout the stages of the operation. Decisions are to be made, resources are to be managed, all to ensure safe and efficient operation and minimize the strain on personnel and the environment. The diversity of available and needed personnel, decision makers, resources and geographical locations, create a set of challenges which must be overcome to reach our common goal of zero harm to personnel, equipment and the environment.

The aptomar TCMS gives the land-based operations a tactical situation plot and collaboration arena between onshore operations command and offshore operations, focusing on situation overview, tactical analysis and decision-making
The TCMS allows the operator to:

  • Access real time information from all available resources and sensors connected to the TCMS
  • Deployed on Platforms, Vessels, Terminals and onshore operation rooms
  • Participate and contribute with own know how in the operation
  • Import and distribute safety critical information in real time
  • Provide assistance during Oil spill recovery, Search and Rescue, and surveillance operations
  • Document and record operational data for administrative and training purposes, analysis of incidents and future planning.

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Aptomar – Tactical Collaboration (PDF)


The TCMS will provide the personnel on the vessels, platforms and at shore based centres a clear and real time overview of any ongoing operation such as oil spill recovery, search and rescue, inspection of subsea pipelines or monitoring of an ongoing repair or towing operation. Through the system you can get access to information from all sensors and data sources connected to the TCMS network, e.g.

  • SECurus systems
  • Radar OSD systems
  • SAR buoys
  • ROVs
  • CCTV
Integration of information sources

The TCMS is a modular system that can be configured to give extensive operational advantages in both small and large networks depending on the customer requirements. The system is also prepared for future extensions and upgrades without major cost impact.

Live SECurus video streaming

The video from all SECurus units on the vessels, platforms or onshore location will be available at any location in real time. All videos can be stored, labled and shared with any location in the TCMS network.

Live ROV video streaming

The ROV video from any vessel, platform or location will be available at any location in the TCMS network in real time, while doing inspections of pipelines, hulls or any sub-sea installation.

Radar OSD – Oil spill detection

The oil spills detected by the OSD radar will be transferred to all locations in real time, giving a unique situation overview and ability to follow the operation from any location. In addition the TCMS will give you the ability to estimate drift of the oil slick, in addition to do interception analysis between the moving slick and the closest vessels.

Remote WEB based access

Throught the web based read only access, all information going into the TCMS system will be accessible through any internet browser. This includes all recorded video and pictures, in combination with an automatic generated event log.

Logging and playback

All data going into the TCMS is stored for documentation and post operation evaluation or training. The aptomar TimeSlider gives the user the ability to roll back time, returning to the exact time of interest and replay the operation from there.

Integration modules

A vast number of hardware and software modules allow integration of 3rd party sensors into the TCMS, e.g. GIS based data sources, weather services, drift predictions.