SECurus certification

The introduction of the SECurus and the TCMS has changed the way oil spill clean-up, Search and Rescue (SAR) and Surveillance and Security operations are managed and documented. Our tools and operational methodology enables more oil to be combated in a shorter amount of time, in addition to more efficient SAR operations. All to ensure the safety and integrity of the personnel, environment and vessel.

Our training philosophy is based on a combination of theory and practical exercises, and we’ll give you the skills to handle the equipment and the operational know-how to interpret the data and make faster, more accurate and documented decisions. At Aptomar we have several simulators that are used during the practical exercises, in order to achieve the operational knowledge the users will need for their daily work.

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SECurus Certification Course

The goal with the certification courses is to ensure an understanding of the SECurus system’s functionality and possibilities in addition to show how this system can be used in case of a variety of emergency situations. This is essential operational knowledge for end user, operator and onshore oil spill response management, but also for personell in charge of the organization’s emergency plans.

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On-Site Training Course

In addition to class room based courses, Aptomar can conduct training courses at the customer locations. Be it on a vessel bridge for SECurus, or in an Operations Room for TCMS, the same training is delivered as that in the classroom based sessions.

SECurus On-Site Training

Our training philosophy and methods are based on learning by doing; the sessions therefore highly emphasis practical exercises, in addition to basic theory.

Our goal is to increase preparedness in case of an incident by efficient use of the SECurus, and make the crews comfortable with using SECurus in different situations. We have therefore started conducting training for your crews on your vessels with
the systems they have on board.

TCMS On-Site Training

Users of TCMS equipment need to be competent and have confidence if an incident should occur. The goal with the TCMS Certification Course is to ensure that end users know how and when to use the TCMS system, and are able to adapt this into the teams processes and procedures.

Customised Training

On some occasions the standard training is not sufficient, and in these situations we design the training to the customer’s needs and requirements. For more information please email:

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