BlueDeal – 24/7 Environmental Monitoring


Easy and affordable environmental monitoring

The Environmental Challenge


Low oil prices are forcing the oil companies to find and produce more oil while reducing cost at all levels. To get access to the world`s largest remaining untapped oil and gas reserves the industry have to go deeper or colder, operating under increasingly challenging environmental and operational conditions.

The international focus on sustainability and responsible operations makes authorities, stakeholders, environmental organizations and media keep an extremely close eye on the industry, and the oil companies have to make sure they do everything they can to ensure and document clean operation. The only way to solve the challenge of cost versus environmental demand that the oil companies are faced with Today, is to utilize technology and services that can save time, decrease costs, and reduce environmental risk.

There are currently no established, recognized requirements or recommendations on the class of environmental technology, nor are there clear guidelines as to how the environmental monitoring should be performed. Some claim that the requirements from the environmental authorities are impossible to comply with, while others not only meet the requirements, but also make the effort to produce voluntary environmental documentation and annual reports on clean operation for the public


Based on over a decade of R&D, operation and delivery of hardware and software for remote sensing of oil spills; detection, combating, tracking, measuring and analyzing, our Aptomar team has developed a new method for oil spill detection. The new method is included in a low cost package solution for systematic environmental monitoring called the BlueDeal, and includes:

  • Environmental surveillance service where Aptomar takes direct technical and operational responsibility for monitoring, reporting and detection of unintended oil spills 24/7
  • Documentation of compliance with governmental requirements
  • Systematic approach to show and quantify clean operation, delivering a complete reporting package for internal and external usage
  • Easy and affordable; no costly hardware, software or offshore upgrade cost needed

BlueDeal reporting package

Aptomar have created a tailor made reporting package to meet needs and requirements for documenting clean operation and spill incidents. With this package you can document the detection process, the unintended oil spills and the polluter, and have a complete sustainability report delivered upon end-of-well, yearly or at an interval agreed with Aptomar. The reports can be summarized as:

Acute spill to sea report

  • Document unintended spill, probable source and polluter
  • Evidence for post-incident actions / prosecution
  • Brief case description
  • Provided upon each verified spill

Blue Environment report

  • Yearly summary of incidents in regards to unintended oil spills
  • Qualitative /Quantitative information on incidents and accidents
  • Documentation of compliance with the environmental
example_acute_spill_to_sea_reportexample Blue Environment report

BlueDeal customer portal

The BlueDeal offers an online portal for quick and easy access to the service. Here you will access both live and compiled data from your operations, including:


  • Hourly and daily live reports
  • Weekly BlueDeal summary reports
  • End-of-well or yearly sustainability report
  • Acute spill to sea reports

  • Communication plan
  • Procedures, manuals, service reports
  • Oil spill detection and contingency plan (if available)
Operational overview

  • “Blue statistics” – live graphing of KPIs
  • WebAccess with live vessel tracking and access to remote sensing and GIS data

Quick, easy and low-cost installation, commissioning and maintenance

Normally, when installing systems for environmental monitoring, oil spill detection or remote sensing, the installation and commissioning cost is so significant that from an ALARP perspective, the cost-benefit ratio is too low.

BlueDeal changes this completely, introducing a low number of COTS equipment, installed and configured by the offshore crew with assistance from Aptomar. There are no hidden or large installation, commissioning or life-time maintenance cost.

low_cost_and easy_setup

The Team

The Aptomar team consists of computational R&D engineers, Master mariners, Engineering cybernetics and Marine Biologists. Together we make out a dedicated, competent and professional team, delivering sensors, systems and services of world class. Our objective is to deliver a cost-efficient and effective 24/7 field monitoring operation, functioning as our customers’ eyes and ears on the maritime and offshore activity at any given time, thereby providing a safe operating environment for all personnel,the environment and assets.

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