Ports, harbors and offshore supply bases


24/7 Surveillance, monitoring and environmental services

Together with Aptomarin, our maritime control center, our port, terminal and offshore supply base customers can manage and offer 24/7 serices in regards to communication, monitoring, notification and reporting to its users and partners.

For our clients, Aptomarin is an alternative to building or expanding own organization to meet the growing requirements and operational challenges, including the opportunity to offer 24/7 products and services to its users and customers. Its all about ensuring the safety and integrity of people, the environment and the assets when entering and operating on location, by offering a continuous service independent of time of day.

Offered services to the Industry

We offer to manage both sensors, software and people to supply the following services

  • Supplement the existing traffic monitoring and management, evenings, nights or week-ends
  • Radio / VHF / communication service, including forwarding of service requests
  • Monitoring for, and detection of, unintended oil or diesel spills. Documentation and identification of poluter
  • Traffic monitoring and activity in the harbour area. Designate dock area, register and document berth times (invoicable usage of the facilities) and create statistics for reporting purposes
  • ISPS remote monitoring and access control, including notification to police or security company
  • Managment of the arrival form

Let our skilled operators manage your operations

Together with Aptomarin, our clients manage more tasks and offers more services on a 24/7 basis. By doing so, own income is managed, security and environmental requirements are met, and the users experience a higher degree of service

Want to know more, please contact us to find out how we can contribute to

  • Reduce operational and investment cost
  • Increase the operational income
  • Expand your service offering to a 24/7 solution
  • Increase security and ensure immediate actions
  • Operationalize the environmental monitoring
  • Ensure a continuous overview, control and documentation of the historical, current and future traffic
vtscamera-view-dual Turn key solution

TAptomarin will utilize, and connect to, existing technical solutions. If needed, Aptomarin will take the responsibility to install and manage the needed add-on systems, in addition to integrating them into the existing infrastructure and solutions.
Some of the normal solutions to integrate are:

  • VHF radio over IP
  • Infrared and daylight cameras (CCTV)
  • AIS
  • VTS (Vessel tracking system)
  • Radar for monitoring and detection of vessels, debries and oil
  • Remote control of acces points: gates, doors etc

Using technology to reduce cost and increase safety and efficiency

The technology and tools that form the basis for the maritime control center include radar-based object detection and tracking systems, infrared camera surveillance systems, AIS (automatic identification system) vessel tracking and Aptomar’s TCMS – a tactical collaboration and management system for oil spill detection and combating, search and rescue and fire fighting.

In addition Aptomarin uses aerial and satellite radars and cameras, wind and weather data, and communicating with the maritime and offshore assets using VHF radio, mobile and Inmarsat satellite telephone, all to ensure a secure and robust communication.

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