TCMS – Tactical Collaboration and Management System

The TCMS is a standalone tactical tool for collaboration and information sharing between the vessels, platforms and land based resources involved in safety critical operations at sea. The system utilizes and distributes data from all connected sensors such as :

  • SECurus systems
  • Radar OSD systems
  • SAR buoys
  • ROVs
  • CCTV

Aptomar – Tactical Collaboration (PDF)


The TCMS will provide the personnel on the vessels, platforms and at shore based centres a clear and real time overview of any ongoing operation such as oil spill recovery, search and rescue, inspection of subsea pipelines or monitoring of an ongoing repair or towing operation.

The TCMS allows the operator to:

  • Access real time information from all available resources and sensors connected to the TCMS system at:
  • Platforms, Vessels, Terminals and Land Operations
  • Participate and contribute with own know how in the operation
  • Import and distribute safety critical information in real time
  • Provide assistance during Search and Rescue operations
  • Document and record operational data for administrative and training purposes, analysis of incidents and future planning.
Modules and Configuration

The TCMS is a modular system that can be configured to give extensive operational advantages in both small and large networks depending on the customer requirements. The system is also prepared for future extensions and upgrades without major cost impact.


The basic TCMS system provides all the basic functions for collaboration and information sharing.

Remote WEB based access

This module provides read only web access to the TCMS information

ROV video streaming

This module provides real time access to ROV video

Integration modules

These hardware and software modules allow integration of 3rd party sensors into the TCMS

Logging and playback

Provides for logging of all data available in the TCMS


Aptomar – TCMS Brochure (PDF)